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While supervising

When providing supervision for unlicensed individuals, Dr. Yep Martin takes on the role of a mentor and guide, helping individuals develop their skills and knowledge in a supportive and structured manner. The supervision process typically involves regular meetings where Dr. Yep Martin provides guidance, feedback, and support to the supervisee.

During the supervision sessions, Dr. Yep Martin may discuss cases, review clinical interventions, and help the supervisee develop their therapeutic techniques. They may also help the supervisee explore their own reactions and countertransference in order to enhance self-awareness and personal growth.


Dr. Yep Martin also plays a crucial role in ensuring the ethical practice of the unlicensed individual. She helps them understand and adhere to ethical guidelines, professional standards, and legal requirements. This includes discussing issues such as client confidentiality, boundaries, and the importance of informed consent.

Supervision is a collaborative process, aimed at fostering the supervisee's professional development and enhancing their clinical skills. While Dr. Yep Martin is in a position of authority, the relationship should be based on mutual respect and an understanding that the supervisee's gro
wth and learning are the primary goals.


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