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My Background


About Michelle Yep Martin

Dr Michelle Yep Martin

My Background

I was raised in Anchorage and attended The University of Iowa for my undergraduate degree, where I majored in psychology and communication.  I returned to Alaska and attended the University of Alaska, Anchorage for my Masters in Science Degree in Psychology.  Following this, I worked in an adolescent residential treatment facility for several years, and then became a school counselor for seven years to children under the Title I grant with the Anchorage School District.  I opened my private practice and completed my Psy.D. through Saybrook University in San Francisco, California, where I developed expertise in humanistic psychology.  
During this time, I had additional training to work specifically with adjudicated sexual offenders, male, female and juveniles, and their families and victims. I received specific expertise in Cognitive Behavioral Psychology.  I am an Approved Provider with the State of Alaska, Department of Corrections, as well as a Supervisor.  I have been called as an expert witness for forensic issues within the court system.  
Since completing my training, I have worked with Saybrook University and supervise those who are seeking licensure or Approved Provider Status. I also continue to produce scholarly work in the form of articles for blogs, newsletters, and lectures on different areas of interest in psychology.


Psychotherapy consists of 45-minute sessions, bi-weekly, weekly, or more frequently. I typically see patients Monday through Thursday.

Initial Consultation

Our first meeting will consist of a 45-minute comprehensive evaluation, where I will go over your history, the challenges that brought you to treatment, and the goals of treatment.  At the end of this session, we will work together to devise a treatment plan.

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