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Coaching with Dr. Yep Martin

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Coaching with me

Coaching and therapy are two distinct practices that serve different purposes, even though they share some similarities. Coaching generally focuses on helping individuals identify and achieve their goals, while therapy primarily addresses emotional, psychological, or mental health concerns. Below are a few key differences between the two.

1. Goal-oriented vs. Healing-focused

Coaching typically centers around setting and achieving specific goals in various areas of life, such as career, relationships, or personal development. Therapeutic interventions, on the other hand, often aim to heal emotional wounds, treat mental health disorders, and promote overall well-being.

2. Problem-solving vs. Root cause exploration

Coaching tends to focus on finding solutions and strategies to overcome obstacles, whereas therapy often emphasizes understanding the root causes of issues and provides tools for processing emotions and behavioral patterns.

3. Present vs. Past orientation

Coaches typically concentrate on the present and the future, aiming to enhance performance and achieve desired outcomes. Therapists, on the other hand, may explore past experiences, childhood influences, and relationship dynamics to gain insights into an individual's present challenges.

4. Credentials and regulation

In many countries, therapy is a regulated profession requiring specific credentials, such as having a master's or doctoral degree in psychology or counseling. Many professional coaches obtain certifications and receive training.


Important to note

There can be an overlap between coaching and therapy, and some professionals may integrate both approaches based on the needs of their clients. If you're considering seeking support, it's essential to clarify your goals and preferences to ensure you choose the most appropriate approach for your situation.
Dr. Yep Martin provides both coaching and therapy under different certifications and training. If you are interested in working with her on coaching for future goals, please contact us here or send an email at

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