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Our first meeting will consist of a 45-minute comprehensive evaluation, where I will go over your history, the challenges that brought you to treatment, and the goals of treatment.  At the end of this session, we will work together to devise a treatment plan.

Initial Consultation

Psychotherapy consists of 45-minute sessions, bi-weekly, weekly, or more frequently. I typically see patients Monday through Thursday.



I was raised in Anchorage and attended The University of Iowa for my undergraduate degree, where I majored in psychology and communication.  I returned to Alaska and attended the University of Alaska, Anchorage for my Masters in Science Degree in Psychology.  Following this, I worked in an adolescent residential treatment facility for several years, and then became a school counselor for seven years to children under the Title I grant with the Anchorage School District.  I opened my private practice and completed my Psy.D. through Saybrook University in San Francisco, California, where I developed expertise in humanistic psychology.  


During this time, I had additional training to work specifically with adjudicated sexual offenders, male, female and juveniles, and their families and victims. I received specific expertise in Cognitive Behavioral Psychology.  I am an Approved Provider with the State of Alaska, Department of Corrections, as well as a Supervisor.  I have been called as an expert witness for forensic issues within the court system.  


Since completing my training, I have worked with Saybrook University and supervise those who are seeking licensure or Approved Provider Status. I also continue to produce scholarly work in the form of articles for blogs, newsletters, and lectures on different areas of interest in psychology.

Michelle J Yep Martin, LLC

500 West 27th Avenue, Suite D

Anchorage, Alaska 99503

Tel: 907-677-7089

Fax: 907-677-7094


Before we decide to enter into a treatment relationship, please contact me via phone or email so that we can set up a brief phone consultation to determine if my practice is the best fit for your needs. All messages are confidential and secure to protect your privacy.



My office is located on 27th Avenue, between Arctic and C Street, in the Midtown area of Anchorage.  There is abundant parking in the adjacent lot.  My office is also accessible via multiple People Mover routes. 

My Approach

I enjoy my work as a psychologist, as it is a privilege to work with others in their personal journeys toward a more positive life.  I like to assess each client individually, and from there work with the client from where they are, guiding and supporting them through the process. 

I think of each person as a unique individual, not a label, and find that this offers the patient more acceptance and security within the therapeutic relationship.  Therapy can lead to deep growth, wisdom and well-being. 

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